Comune di Bissone

Bissone lies on the banks of the lake of Lugano, to the south of the causeway bridge at Melide. It is the birthplace of artist-craftsmen - architects, stucco decorators, sculptors, painters and marble workers - active all over Europe, such as Francesco Borromini, Carlo Maderno, the members of the Gaggini, Somaini, Tencalla and Busi members, to mention just a few.

Of particular interest are the old town centre, the square with its centuries-old buildings and characteristic arches, the churches of San Carpoforo and San Rocco, the walk by the lake towards Melide, and the panoramic footpaths through the woods towards Campione d'Italia, Arogno, Maroggia and Melano.

The town is well equipped for visitors, with a variety of hotel accommodation and public bathing at the lido on the lake.

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